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Antenatal Classes in Worthing & Shoreham

Antenatal classes in Worthing and antenatal classes in Shoreham in the privacy of your own home. A unique ANTENATAL course which teaches you all you need to know about caring for your baby: practical exercises in handling a newborn, nappy changing, washing, swaddling, feeding and burping, impartial shopping guides to help you decide what you really need and what you don’t, the safe way to put your baby to sleep, sleeping routines, crying solutions, a bunch of props (nappies, bottles, teats, dummies, expressing equipment and much more) so you can see and feel the difference between different brands, and a manual giving you all the info you need to have a baby in Shoreham and Worthing with classes, groups, shops and much more.  ]

We don’t cover birth so this is great for planned c-sections, surrogate/adoptions, HypnoBirthing, NCT or other courses as well as being very practical so great for mums and dads who have not been around babies much..

Private Antenatal Course: Worthing & Shoreham

Suitable for a 2017 due date

Antenatal crash course in having a baby: learn all you need to know about feeding, changing, sleeping, crying, washing, and much more...

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