If you live in Hastings and are due to give birth this winter then join us on our free antenatal class http://t.co/55HFDzVTDC

Antenatal Parentcraft Classes

If you are having a baby and have no idea what to do when you get the baby home, then this is the antenatal course for you. Our practical crash course in having a baby helps you understand everything from nappies to neuroscience, with practical group classes that give you confidence and prepare you for the reality of becoming a parent! Everything you will wish you had known about having a baby in 8 hours of antenatal classes in your area, so you can meet others, get local support and learn practical babycare skills like swaddling, sleeping and crying, changing nappies, breastfeeding and bottlefeeding, washing as well as buggies, car seats, slings and more.

  • Practical Exercises ………. to give you experience
  • Experienced parent tips ………. to give you confidence
  • Signposting guides ………. so you know what’s normal
  • Shopping guides ………. to save you money
  • Local information ………. to help you find your way

Practical tips for you

Parentskool has tonnes of information to give you!  This month our favourite link is PANDAS the leading UK charity in supporting families suffering from pre and postnatal illnesses.

For more useful links see our practical tips and links pages.


Its safer sleep week – do you know the latest advice?

This week is Safer Sleep Week and we want to share with you all the latest advice about how to minimise the risk of your baby dying suddenly and without cause – known as sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS. […]
Friday, March 13th, 2015

What People Say

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Parentskool but wanted to support my wife and attend the classes with her – I’m very, very glad that I did. Within a very short period of time I realised how little […]

Steph, November 2012

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We love being social…

A big part of our courses are about being social and engaging with you, your future child and also people you meet on the course. Please join us on facebook where you can ask anything you want and we will always try to help (there are NO stupid questions on our page) and follow us on Twitter.


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@parentskooluk 2 weeks ago  If you live in Hastings and are due to give birth this winter then join us on our free antenatal class http://t.co/55HFDzVTDC

@parentskooluk 2 weeks ago  Our crash course in having a baby will leave you feeling ready for your new arrival | WINTER BABIES Brighton & Hove http://t.co/fDtHPayLIz

@parentskooluk 2 weeks ago  We have limited places left on our FREE antenatal class Hastings 26th Sep for Autumn due dates http://t.co/qhVG69q4MK

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